May 1, 2014

Information Technology | May 2014

New material for flat semiconductors
Researchers find a 2-dimensional, self-assembling material that might produce solar cells or transistors.
MIT News, Apr 30

Education | May 2014

Collaboration helps higher ed graduate to a greener future
Green Biz, May 1

Alternative Energy | May 2014

Sandia Labs and NREL leading new DOE hydrogen infrastructure project; H2FIRST
Green Car Congress, May 1

Switch from gasoline to ethanol linked to higher ozone levels
Los Angeles Times, May 1

Why Wave Power has Lagged Far Behind as Energy Source
Yale e360, Apr 28

Business | May 2014

How two ExxonMobil and Sierra Club lawyers agreed on a carbon tax
Green Biz, May 1

New York Offers $285M in Demand Reduction Incentives
Green Tech Media, May 1

Sweaty workers ditch ties as Cool Biz Japan enters 10th year
Japan Times, May 1

Government | May 2014

ARPA-E Announces $60 Million for Disruptive Technologies to Cut Emissions, Boost Energy Efficiency
US Dept of Energy, Apr 29

Transportation | May 2014

Plug-In Electric Car Sales In April: Leaf Widens Lead, Volt Flat Again
Green Car Reports, May 1

Smart Grid | May 2014

Smart Wind and Solar Power
Big data and artificial intelligence are producing ultra-accurate forecasts that will make it feasible to integrate much more renewable energy into the grid.
MIT Technology Review, May 2014