Mar 18, 2014

Information Technology | Mar 2014

Facebook open sources data center efficiency code
GigaOm, Mar 14

Amsterdam canal house built with 3-D printer
Seattle Times, Mar 14

Alternative Energy | Mar 2014

‘Water wings’ harness energy from shallow tides
Brown University research, Mar 18

California drought: Solar desalination plant shows promise
San Francisco Chronicle, Mar 18

Turning raw natural gas into upgraded liquid alcohol fuelBYU research
Science Daily, Mar 13

Solar revolution for off-grid Thailand, Mar 13

CA Utility Regulators Approve Plan to Replace San Onofre Power
at least 400 megawatts coming from “preferred sources” like renewables
KQED/San Francisco, Mar 13

'Space Frame' Wind Tower Allows Turbines to Be Built in Remote Places
Yale e360, Mar 11

Mar 17, 2014

Transportation | Mar 2014

Paris car ban starts after pollution hits high
BBC News, Mar 17

The design contest creating radical transport concepts
BBC Future, Mar 17

Electric Bike Ban Roils Restaurant Workers
WNYC Transportation Nation, Mar 13

MBTA Late-Night Service Begins March 28
WBUR/Boston, Mar 13

NYC Leading Nationwide Transit Boom
WNYC Transportation N
ation, Mar 10
Public transit drawing record numbers in US
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, Mar 10

Mar 14, 2014

Recycling and Sustainability | Mar 2013

Northern California Brewery Taps New Technology, Saves Water
Sacramento Bee, Mar 14 (video)

Environmentally friendly fashion? Dress knitted out of birch cellulose fiber
The raw material for the Ioncell fibre is a birch-based pulp from Finnish pulp mills
Science Daily, Mar 13

India Plans to Convert Water Pumps from Diesel to Solar
Our World 2.0, Mar 13

Construction | Mar 2013

Solar City Partnering with Best Buy to Sell Residential Solar Leases
Yale e360, Mar 13

Feb 26, 2014

Construction, Heating, and Lighting | Feb 2014

Isotera Makes LED Installation Simple and Fun
Clean Technica, Feb 18

Sir Richard Branson to Power Necker Island with Renewables
Clean Technica, Feb 18

What's cool in building design? Think net positive, and add water
GreenBiz, Feb 12

Food and wastewater biogas to heat 5,200 New York homes - See more at:
Green Futures, Feb 11

EV cars power office building in Japan
new cost-saving vehicle-to-grid programme from Nissan
Green Futures, Feb 11

Alternative Energy | Feb 2014

Offshore wind farms could tame hurricanes before they reach land
Stanford University research
Science Daily, Feb 26

Superabsorbing design may lower manufacturing cost of thin film solar cells
North Carolina State University research
Science Daily, Feb 26

Boston firm generates power while recycling water
Boston Globe, Feb 19

Solar-induced hybrid fuel cell produces electricity directly from biomass
Science Daily, Feb 18

New Maps Pinpointing Wind Turbines Will Help Track Effects on Wildlife
Yale e360, Feb 17

Denmark is About to Outstrip European Climate Goals
Clean Technica, Feb 17

A battery small enough to be injected, energetic enough to track salmon
Device stores twice the energy of microbatteries currently used in transmitters
Pacific Northwest National Lab, Feb 17

New 'pomegranate-inspired' design solves problems for lithium-ion batteries
Science Daily, Feb 16

Africa’s untapped renewable energy, Feb 13

Waste from age-old paper industry becomes new source of solid fuel
Science Daily, Feb 12

Myth Debunked: Wind Farms Don't Alter the Climate
Smithsonian, Feb 11

A Battery with Liquid Electrodes can be Recharged or Refilled
MIT Technology Review, Feb 17

Nonrenewable and Renewable Energy Resources
KQED/San Francisco, Feb 13

World’s Largest Solar Plant Opens
Ivanpah solar farm, in California’s Mojave Desert
KQED/San Francisco, Feb 13

Controversial Ivanpah Solar Power Plant Sets Record, Settles Controversy
Clean Technica, Feb 13

Cows: a source of natural gas?
Green Futures, Feb 13

DOE: SunShot Hitting Mark With Solar Price Plunge
Earth Techling, Feb 13

In India, Solar Power is a Farmer’s Best Friend
Earth Techling, Feb 13

Giant 6-MW Turbines For Rhode Island Offshore Wind Farm
Block Island Wind Farm delayed until at least 2016
Earth Techling, Feb 13

Boeing Seeks to Certify Biodiesel for Jet Fuel Around the World
Green Car Reports, Feb 11

Business | Feb 2014

California has a third of the nation's solar power jobs
San Francisco Chronicle, Feb 11

Ohio Republicans, Car Dealers Try To Ban Tesla Sales Again
Gas2, Feb 13

This Week’s Top Energy Jobs
Breaking Energy, Feb 12

Food companies put green procurement on the menu
GreenBiz, Feb 11